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Find Top-Quality And Accurate Surveying Instruments

Surveying is the process of determining distances and angles between points used on construction sites for the leveling & setting works. Surveying relies on its accuracy and efficiency in having the right instruments. Surveyors use a range of instruments for land surveying, mapping & setting out. These days many new modern surveying instruments are available like Theodolite, total station, dumpy level, and many more.

Theodolite consists of a moveable telescope attached over the perpendicular axis. It is mounted on a tripod head with the help of thumbscrews for tightening and loosening. The theodolite is placed vertically above the point to be measured. Modern theodolite uses an electronic rotary encoder to read the horizontal and vertical circles to great levels of precision. Theodolites are used for surveying as well as navigating, laying out building corners, meteorology, aligning wood frame walls, and many more related tasks.

A dumpy level consists of a telescope-like device fitted on a tripod stand which is used for establishing points. It is also used to measure height differences and transfer elevations during building surveys. A total station is a modern theodolite which is a transit fitted with an electronic distance meter (EDM).

Survey instruments are the equipment used for measurements for the purpose of drawing maps and plans. These are used for establishing boundaries for constructional work. In UAE, many construction sites are available since new high-rise buildings & shopping complexes are built. Surveying instruments are used by many builders & construction workers.

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