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Now No System Breakdowns! Avail The Services From Electromechanical Companies In UAE! 

Electromechanical companies in UAE have highly experienced contractors to help you. The contractors undertake the supply, installation, & maintenance of electromechanical devices.

The electromechanical contractors are the leaders of building & construction industry. They deliver their growing value to the clients through best service in Electro mechanical field.

What Roles Are Performed By Contractors In Electromechanical Companies In UAE?

All homes & offices have various electromechanical applications. These are installed by electromechanical contractors. Not only they install, but also repair, upgrade, and test electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems. They operate, test, and maintain automated, electromechanical equipment.

The electromechanical contractors undertake the working of air conditioning, ventilation systems, fire alarms systems, ELV systems like CCTV, access control, AV systems, transformers, switch gears, and many other appliances.

What Assurance The Best Electromechanical Companies In UAE Offer?

  • Best Quality- The electromechanical consultants focus on delivery & on-time completion of projects.

  • Approved electrical contractors- Usually the leading contractors are approved electrical contractors with A1 class electrical license  from FEWA.

  • Experience- The experienced electromechanical contractors are experienced with excellent project management skills to handle various projects.

Electromechanical Services Offered In UAE:

The electromechanical contractors use latest equipment and quality spare parts that prevent system failure and mitigate risks. You can trust the contractors for breakdown maintenance and installation of electrical systems at various places.

Numerous renowned contractors offer complete range of electromechanical services in all segments of the UAE. The qualified and well trained contractors & technicians can troubleshoot every type of electro mechanical system. They ensure that system will work properly in future.

They also implement a scheduled upkeep program to decrease life-cycle cost of systems. The electro mechanical services include routine check & maintenance of applications. The electro mechanical systems provided by the contractors are available for 24X7.

Projects are undertaken by the electromechanical contractors in various departments. They deliver the services like:

  • Design & Installation with Testing and Commissioning of MV& LV Electrical system.

  • They work for electrical panels, power-control cables, &street lighting system.

  • Installation of all instrumentation equipment by Testing & Commissioning.

  • Supply and Installation of all cables along with its termination and cable tagging.

  • The electro mechanical contractors also undertake complete MEP contracting like installation of Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting system, Telephone & Public Address system, and Air conditioning system.

  • Design, Supply and installation of Earthing System including Main Earth Grid, Earth Pits and other associated works.

  • The contractors also provide separate Earth system for Lightning protection.

Broadly speaking, the electromechanical contractors work for major LV installations such as:

They work for the supply and installation of all types of power and control cables with termination. Electrical Lighting and small power system for Electrical room works are also done by them.

The experienced contractors show their expertise in MV& LV room, Pump room, Transformer Room, RO area, chemical room, and water tanks.

Instrumentation works with installation of MOVs, RTU Panel, Flow transmitters, Valves and all other instruments are also performed by these contractors. 

Various leading electromechanical contractors are working in the UAE. The renowned electro mechanical contractors in various segments of the UAE are enlisted with Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE.

They deal in high quality electromechanical services for various applications. They provide you with installation & maintenance of various applications in different segments of the UAE.

This include Smoke management systems, HVAC services, plumbing services, drainage, fire fighting systems and many more applications.

Say goodbye to system breakdown with the services of best electromechanical companies in UAE. The electromechanical contractors enlisted with Etisalat Yellow Pages UAE are verified & you can be assured about the prices charged.