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Choose From A List Of The Best Powder Coating Providers In the UAE

Powder coating is the best finish you could give to your metal fabrication. It is a more modern approach over the traditional method of painting as it brings with itself an added advantage of durability as well as professional finishing. Powder coating also gives a very high-grade appearance as compared to the method of painting. 

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating refers to a dry coating that is done as a metal finishing on the equipment used in industries. It basically is a dry powder that is applied by the process called electrostatic process. After this is done it is cured by heat through which the high-quality finishing occurs on the equipment. Powder coating can be used on various surfaces like metal, steel, plastic, concrete as well. 

Powder coating is of two types, one is thermosets and the other one is called thermoplastics. The thermoplastic powder coating transforms into liquid form and softens when the heat is applied. This helps to get rid of chemical bonding, powder coating also becomes reusable as well as reversible through this process. This is widely used on refrigerators and auto parts. Thermoset powder coating creates chemical bonds. These chemical bonds can be cured but then it is not possible to reverse the powder coating. It is done in high heat areas as the bonds help to save from melting. 

Verified Powder Coating Service Providers Are Listed Here

Powder coating helps to prevent the loss that is done by the wastage o paint. It requires electric charge rather than adhesives, as in the case of paints. Therefore, an electrostatic paint sprayer is used for powder coating purposes. Powder coating is done on industrial equipment as it can increase the layer, preventing and protecting the metal from chemicals and corrosion. You can get powder coating done as there are many companies offering powder coating services in UAE. They offer powder coating for various materials, like swing sets, furniture, plastics, ceramics, etc.

You can get a smooth or matte finish as well as any color you like. 
At our portal, we have the leading powder coating companies registered with us. You can find their complete details at our portal as well and get in touch with them for your business requirements. All the companies that are registered with us are verified and thus their services for powder coating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Quwain, or anywhere in UAE are of very high quality so you can be assured of the best end results.