Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC
Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC
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Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC  Company Address - , Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC
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  • Mineral Fibre Ceiling System
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The foundation for Wow Factor Building Materials Trading LLC was laid in Dubai in 2002 by its parent company "MBBM Group", with a focus on creativity and innovation in performance-oriented architecture and interior decoration products, and finally in February 2014. Mr. Asghar Merchant and Mr. M.N. With Khoury's expertise and experience, Mr. Abbas guided the young pledges to the Wow Factor with the perfect blend of engineering, marketing and passion to build a factory run by Merchant. The philosophy of the group has always been to embrace the positive aspects of competition and the technological revolution in related industries, which has given the group easy access and approach to globalization. Its mission is to help customers change and move forward with honesty, loyalty and commitment.WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE YELLO PAGES Improved product quality: Increased efficiency helps to free up employees and resources for innovation and quality control that would have been wasted under different circumstances Better lead times: When manufacturing processes are streamlined, businesses can respond better to fluctuations in demand and other market variables. In the end, this results in fewer delays and improved lead times. Employee Satisfaction: Employees understand when their daily workload is stuffed with unnecessary work, and it often leads to decreased morale. Lean philosophy works to boost not only productivity but employee satisfaction.
Mineral Fibre Ceiling System
Interior Designing
Mineral Fibre Ceiling System
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