Naaz Industry LLC
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  Company Address - Rashidiya, Near INMA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Metals & Alloys
Main Products:
  • Metal Trunks
  • Coil Slitting Services
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The company was founded in 1972 by the late Siri Nazmuddin Inatat Ali. Ali participated in the massacre in Iraq in 1952 (after leaving India) and resolved subsequent conflicts. He is still paying interest since he decided to move to Dubai. In the 70s and 80s of the last century, the carpentry industry changed, building in the United Arab Emirates and exporting many of its products to Iraq, including local markets. During this time, Mr. Ali expanded his business and set up fiberglass and test plants in the automotive industry. He decided to try his luck in starting a business. When the company disappeared in the United Arab Emirates in the 1990s with a ban on Iraq, work with regret gradually replaced the jewelry that suffers today in many industry enterprises. The CEO said, "Companies should start when they change." Today Naz General Trading Co. Ltd. is part of a group of Nazis who invest in real estate, iron, nickel and coal mining, scrap metal and precious metals. Special goods are sold for inventory. Bells and whistles were sounded with special equipment in the Rashid and Husseil camps. A subsidiary of NGTC Naz Industry Llc operates on a number of construction sites, exclusive products and NGTC products in addition to jewelry prices. NGTC in partnership with local and small area farmers provides me with a safe and efficient business. In addition to the Islamic financial system, the party stopped investing in banks in the 1990s and complied with interest rate (return) rules for every business. We have more than 80 employees. We have two warehouses and operate in the United Arab Emirates. To ensure consistent delivery of goods to buyers, we calculate the processing and send it to specialized companies.
Metals & Alloys
Metal Trunks
Metals & Alloys
Coil Slitting Services
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