Gulf Fluor LLC
Gulf Fluor LLC
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Gulf Fluor LLC  Company Address - Ground Floor, Plot 347 PR 2, ICAD2, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Gulf Fluor LLC
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  • Sulphuric Acid(H2sO4)
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Gulf Fluor is a chemical manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi that is destined to meet the demand for aluminum fluoride in the Arabian Gulf and covers some of the import requirements in its neighboring regions. Since its inception in 2008, Gulf Fluor has announced the construction of a fluoride complex in the industrial city of Abu Dhabi following an in-depth analysis of the project's technical and economic feasibility. With an investment of more than AED 1.5 billion in the UAE, Gulf Fluor is equipped with world-class facilities in the areas of design, security, optimization and environment. H.E. H. Moore has been instrumental in supporting and expanding the bottom and bottom sectors of the UAE. H. Hamad al-Khalili for the implementation of the vision of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. Gulf Fluor began production of aluminum fluoride in the fourth quarter of 2014. Gulf Flower has met all the requirements for its operations and has entered into strategic partnerships with leading European technology companies, contributing to the economy and wellbeing of the UAE. Company with advanced cutting surface solutions for aluminum fluoride, hydrogen fluoride and sulfuric acid plants. Gulf Fluor's industrial complex consists of a sulfur plant with a production capacity of 140,000 metric tons (MT) per annum, a hydrogen fluoride plant with a capacity of 54,000 metric tons per year, and an aluminum fluoride plant with an annual capacity. 60,000 metric tons (metric tons) in addition to a wastewater treatment plant. The Aluminum Fluoride Plant is the only plant in the Middle East that is considered to be the world's largest aluminum fluoride and largest single plant plant. Situated close to some of the world's largest aluminum producers, the industrial complex is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It is located in the industrial city of Abu Dhabi (ICAD II), about 30 km away. The industrial city of Abu Dhabi has a range of bright to medium sized manufacturing, engineering and processing industries and covers an area of ​​11 square kilometers. With access to the Navy and the Gulf Fluor, KM provides a number of convenient services that contribute to our competitive advantage in the area. In addition to his own, Gulf Flower's globally centralized location enables it to serve its clients around the world.
Sulphuric Acid(H2sO4)
Sulphuric Acid(H2sO4)
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