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  Company Address - Glaze Building, Plot 4083, Sector 7, Emirates Industrial City, Sajja, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Branch Address 1 - Glaze Building, Plot 4083, Sector 7, Emirates Industrial City, Sajja
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Building Material
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  • Onyx
  • Sand Stone
  • Quartzite Suppliers
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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
It took nature millions of years to create natural stones. At Glaze we continue to bring in people from different parts of the world to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their places. By not paying attention to quality, Glaze continues to offer one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind. Marble is the most extraordinary natural stone. It is a wonderful and cultural symbol of architectural refinement. Like the great Taj Mahal in India and the Parthenon in Greece, whose beauty will last for generations, whose greatness still resonates in our hearts. Marble is one of the most attractive rocks on the planet. For centuries it has been a favorite medium of Roman and Greek sculptors and architects and has always been a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Because of its durability, beauty and great appearance, it has been used in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring buildings..WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE YELLOW PAGES Improved product quality: Increased efficiency helps to free up employees and resources for innovation and quality control that would have been wasted under different circumstances Better lead times: When manufacturing processes are streamlined, businesses can respond better to fluctuations in demand and other market variables. In the end, this results in fewer delays and improved lead times. Employee Satisfaction: Employees understand when their daily workload is stuffed with unnecessary work, and it often leads to decreased morale. Lean philosophy works to boost not only productivity but employee satisfaction.
Building Material
Building Material
Sand Stone
Building Material
Quartzite Suppliers
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