Gemini Technical Industries LLC
Business Hours: All Days
  Company Address - Building #A-5, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Main Products:
  • Furring Channel System
  • T Grid Suspension
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Gemini Technical Industries is one of the renowned companies in the region of the UAE for striking the architectural and construction projects, known for its high quality and instant service, and excellent management to procure the needs of the customers on ease. We are the trust of the customers for high quality and reliable building materials in Paramount. The interiors decoration materials that require a special quality of material for an amazing our is all available at the Gemini Technical industries. Gemini Technical industries are the extension of the ain company Gemini building that is cooperating and leading in the industry to cater to the needs of the customers by giving them a certain and wide solution for the objective of work. Ever since the establishment, our aim has been to give our customers the best product material of construction at a valuable price on ease. We agave been giving our service to many indigenous and spreading our service to a wider segment of the country so that the beads of the customers can be conquered in no time and without rushing so far. With the credentials of the company and a great team effort, we have been able to reach to higher standards in the field of building and construction materials suppliers and now looking forward to more challenges.
Furring Channel System
T Grid Suspension
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