Consolidated Shipping Services LLC
Consolidated Shipping Services LLC
Business Hours: All Days
Consolidated Shipping Services LLC  Company Address - Ground Floor, Office & Warehouse WH- 11J4-G-16, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Consolidated Shipping Services LLC
Business Range:
Cargo Services
Main Products:
  • Air Freight Management
  • Land Transportation Management
  • Multi-modal Operations
  • Container Freight Station (CFS)
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Main Markets:
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
The Consolidated Shipping Services (CSS) Group is a global leader in international transport & logistics.We are working in this field since pretty long time , We are mainly engaged with the transportation of good and products from one place to another, Regardless of your load, We make sure that we do all the needful wee can so as to meet your needs as one of the most reputed Freight forwarding company. Delivery of goods can be a very tedious task to do as you need to take all the safety measures to ensure the safety of the products, combined with other goods to fill containers,to ensure a smooth transportation without any damage to the products. Large shipments can contain one or more containers, thus it allows you to transport goods in bulk, giving customers a choice to transport any bulk material from one place to another. In fact, ships are the best way to increase the volume of cargo designed to transport a variety of products or products. It has many other advantages like Low cost, easy shipment, budget friendly,pocket friendly,you can transport bulk amounts of material in a very short period of time. The main advantage of Freight forwarding company is that it can handle large, heavy, or heavy goods - usually referred to as trailers for breakage or non-Freight forwarding services(NIT). These items may include vehicles, machinery, materials, and more. Often heavy or large for ships or even road transport, heavy loading is not a problem for most fishermen.All the industrialists and manufacturers registered with us are verified and provide you with the best services and products. They Hire employees who cannot bridge the gap between their employees' methods and customer requirements. However, the goal is to provide you the best service and to create a situation where customers prefer to do more than other existing work