Abdulla Hassan Switch Gear Industrial LLC
Since 1984
Business Hours: Sunday - Saturday
  Company Address - Al Qusais Industrial Area# 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Branch Address 1 - 23rd Street, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area # 2, Ras Al Khor, Dubai
Business Range:
Electrical & Electronics
Main Products:
  • Main Distribution Boards
Year of Establishment:
Registered Capital:
Main Markets:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Established in 1984, with the sole objective of manufacturing switchgear systems and trading in electrical products. Since our inception in early 80s, we have gone from strength to strength by keeping pace with the economic developments of the UAE. In the course of our operations, we’ve had to confront many challenges that resulted partly from the Middle Eastern conflicts and partly from the global economic meltdown. The last couple of years have witnessed a worldwide downturn in the growth of business due mainly to the global financial crisis, which, in turn, has hit Arab economies. We are, however, glad to say that by the Grace of God, the Almighty, we have withstood these upheavals and are back on track for future undertakings. We have brought many changes in operations for product efficiency and have fine-tuned the logistics, a key to the success of an organization.
Electrical & Electronics
Main Distribution Boards
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