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"Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration
Building Chemicals
Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration
Building Management Systems
Building Material Suppliers
Building Materials - Whol & Mfrs
Carpenters & Joiners
Cleaning & Janitorial Services & Contrs
Floor Laying Refinishing & Resurfacing
Interior Decorators & Designers
Maintenance - General
Packaging Manufacturers & Suppliers
Web Designing

AC Duct Cleaning Service & Equipments
AC Service & Repair
Building Maintenance
Building Material Suppliers
Carpenters & Joiners
Floor Laying,Refinishing & Resurfacing
Interior Decorators & Designers
Packaging Manufacturers & Suppliers
Web Designing

"Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration
1 Tiffany Building Material Trading LLC
21st Century Build Commercial Dream FZ LLC
AA Property
AC Duct Cleaning
AYESH Building Materials LLC
Abdoli Bldg Materials Showroom
Abdul Ameer Building Materials Trading LLC
Abdul Aziz Essa Building Material Trading
Abdul Jabbar Building Maintenance & Painting Est
Abdul Lah Mohd Building Maintenance
Abdul Noor Trading Est
Abdul Razzaq Building Materials Trading LLC
Abdul Sattar Muhammad Building Cleaning Services L.L.C
Abdulaziz Al Hussain Building Materials Trading
Abdulla Bin Majid Service
Abdulla Mohammedd Almulla Building Materials
Abdulla Nasser Bin Huwaileel
Abreez Building Contracting
Abu Al Khair Building Maintenance
Abu Dhabi Berkeley Service LLC
Abu Faisal Building Materials Est
Abu Ghaush Building Contracting LLC
Abu Shagara Bldg Maint Est
Abu Tayib Building Maintenance Est
Accord Building Contracting LLC
Accurate Building Contracting LLC
Accurate Building Demolition
Action Building Maintenance
Adjust General Maintenance Execution Decoration & Interior Works
Adnan Mansoor Building Materials Trading
Adroit Building Materials Trading Enterprises LLC
Advance Building Cont. Co. LLC
Afron Building Contracting Co
Ahamed Mohammed Ghanim Building Materials
Ahli Building Contracting Llc
Ahmed Ali Obaid Building Materials Est
Ahmed Basha Building Contracting LLC
Ahmed Eissa Building Cleaning Services
Ahmed Karim Building Contracting Co
Ahmed Naser Building Material Trading Est
Ahmed Rashid General Trading
Air Conditioning Engineers Installation & Maintenance
Air Conditioning Grilles & Diffusers
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts
Ajbaan Building Materials Trading
Ajloun Building Materials Trading Est
Ajmeer Building Materials
Akcay Building Contracting
Akhtar Building Contracting LLC
Akram Alneami Building Materials Trading Co LLC
Al Akarem Building Maintenance
Al Amara AL Haditha Building Maintenance
Al Arwa Trading Enterprises LLC
Al Bahar & Bardawil WLL
Al Basra Oasis Building Maintenance
Al Flaj Bldg Materials Tradg Est
Al Ghazi Trading
Al Ghwaifat Building Maint
Al Hadaf Bldg Materials Tools Trdg LLC
Al Hamra Hadis Building Hadis Building Maintenance
Al Hamtem Building Equipments Rental & Maintenance
Al Hufoof General Maintenance
Al Kamal Building Maint & Cleaning
Al Karama Group
Al Maarifa Mechanical Electrical & Building Maintenance
Al Madar General Maintenance
Al Mashour International Trading
Al Merzab Gen Maintenance
Al Miyasi Trading Est
Al Mokanaz Contracting & Building Maintenance
Al Muhairi Building Maintenance & Decor
Al Muharrami Bldg Maintenance
Al Mushtark Building Maintenance
Al Mzairea Building Materials Trading
Al Nada Building Material Est
Al Najeeb Building Maintenance
Al Naseer Painting Works
Al Nayrab Gen Maint & Cleaning Services Est
Al Qafilah Building Materials Trading LLC
Al Quds Building Material Trading
Al Qutbi Building Materials
Al Rafie Building Maintenance Est
Al Rasafa Building Maintenance LLC
Al Sabbah Trading & Importing Est
Al Saeed Gen Contracting & Maintenance Est
Al Sanobar Bldg Mat & Elect Trading
Al Saraha General Maintenance
Al Satari Trading Est
Al Seaj General Maintenance
Al Shaheed Trading Est
Al Shihana For Maintenance & Decor
Al Sundose Building Company
Al Tall General Maintenance & Decoration Construction
Al Vakil Enterprises (LLC)
Al Wabel Building Maintenance
Al Warid Building Materials Trading
Al Wasl Building Cleaning Services
Al Yusr Building Cont
Alhatir Building Contracting
Allwin Trading Company LLC
Almanar Star Building Maintenance & Decor
Almoftah Aldhabi Building Contracting L.L.C
Alrabat Building Contracting LLC
Alshamaliah Building Cleaning
Althuraya Building Materials DMCC
Aluke Building Material L.L.C
Ansons - Askarandas Naraindas & Sons
Aqeequl Yemen Building Materials
Arabian Building Cleaning Services
Arabian Elite Maint & Decor Co LLC
Arman Building Contracting
Arman Building Contracting Co LLC
Ashraf Ibrahim Building Sales Material
Asimco Construction Chemicals
Assi Maintenance Co LLC
Asteco Contg
Atlantic Building Materials Co LLC
Atlas Building Materials Co LLC
Avalum Building Contracting L.L.C
Aviation - Supplies
Ayesh Building Material & Hardware Co.
Banaras Building Material Trading LLC
Baqeri Building Materials Trading Est
Basiana Trading
Basmh Building Cleaning Services
Bayt Al Nakheel General Maint Contr and Cleaning Services LLC
Beirut Building Materials Trading
Berry Building Materials Trading LLC
Best Maids Building Cleaning
Betac Building Contracting LLC
Better Chioce Building Materials Trd LLC
Bin Hindi General Maintenance
Bin Zayed Gen Maintenance Co
Blue Water Building Material Trading
Bosporus Plus Building Contracting L.L.C
Brazil Building Contracting
Brentford Building Contracting LLC
Bright Planet Building Materials LLC
Bright View Building Material Trading LLC
Brilliant Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services LLC
Buadil Building Contracting
Build Care Technical Services
Build Home Building Material Trading Llc
Build Max Contracting LLC
Build Tech Technical Services Llc
Build Up Exhibition Fixtures (L.L.C)
Build Well Technical Services
Build Well Trading
Building Chemicals
Building Maintenance Repairs & Restoration
Building Management Systems
Building Management Systems FZCO
Building Master Building Materials Trading Llc
Building Material
Building Material Suppliers
Building Materials - Whol & Mfrs
Burooj 2000 General Maintenance & Building Cleaning
Car Care & Tinting Products
Car Hire & Leasing
Car Parts & Accessories
Carpenters & Joiners
Carpet & Curtain
Carton Plast General Trading LLC
Castle Importing & Trading Co
Caterpillar Building Contracting
Chemicals - Cleaning & Maintenance
Cherry Building Maintenance
China2008 Building Materials LLC
City Coast Building Materials LLC
Cleaning & Janitorial Services & Contrs
Coastal Trading & Contracting Co
Commodities Trading Company LLC
Computer Services Systems & Eqpt Suppliers
Concrete Specialised Applications & Repair Work
Construction Equipment & Machinery Suppliers
Contract Design LLC
Cougar General Maintenance
Creative Concepts Building Maintenance And Decoration
Crown Castle Building Contracting L.L.C
Damas Building Contg
Dashtik Building Materials Trading LLC
Deira Sun Building Cleaning & Security Service
Delmon Building Materials Trading
Dennis Raspado Building Cleaning Services LLC
Desert Corner Building Materials Trading
Dextra Middle East
Deyari Building Maintenance Cleaning & Interior Decor Services
Dibba Body Building Center
Diligent Building Cleaning LLC
Dolbi Bldg Maint Co
Dubai Sea Breeze
Dubai Star General Maintenance & Decor
Durable Building Materials Trading LLC
EKA Building Systems LLC
EMSATH Building Maintenance LLC
Eager Building Contracting L.L.C
Eagle Nest Building & Decor Materials Trading
Eastern Building Materials Co
Electric Equipment - Service & Repairing
Electrical Contractors & Electricians
Electrical Traders
Electronic Equipment & Supplies
Elite Advance Building and Cleaning Services LLC
Emirates Flower Building Maint Co LLC
Emirates Hills Building Contg
Emirates Palace General Maintenance & Decoration LLC
Engineers - Consulting
Entsar Building Maintenace
Excellent Building & Insulation Material LLC
Excellent Building Material Trading LLC
Exclusive Build Exhibition Stand Fitting & Execution L.L.C
Experts Building Materials Trading LLC
Facility Management
Fadel Bin Ahmed Al Mazroui Est
Fair Deal Contracting LLC
Faqhri Building Material Co LLC
Farhan Trading Est
Feb Middle East
Fig Tree Trading LLC
Fireproofing Contractors & Suppliers
Fivetech Building Materials Trading LLC
Floor Laying Refinishing & Resurfacing
Formica Middle East BV
Formosa International FZC
Freddy's resto café
Freight Forwarding
Furniture Manufacturers
Future Way Bldg Cleaning Svce
G.K.B Building Contracting LLC
Gabry Building Contracting
Galaxy Building Contracting Co LLC
Galaxy Building Materials
Galla False Ceiling & Partition (LLC)
Gamma Building Maintenance
Gencon Chemical Co LLC
Gentex Building Materials Trading Co LLC
Globe Building Contracting LLC
Golden Dome Building Materials
Golden Door Building Maintenance LLC
Golden Dragon Building Material Group FZCO
Golden Jaguar Building Maintenance
Golden Louts Building Cleaning Services
Golden Mile Trading Est
Golden Wire Sanitary & Electrical Installation
Golen Island Building Material Trading LLC
Grainne Building Contracting LLC
Green Circle Trading
Greengate Trading Est
Gulf Construction Equipment Co Ltd
Gulf Crown Building Materials Trading
H&M Building Contaracting L.L.C
HB Building Materials Trading
Hakim Trading
Hala Spray Cleaning Services Co
Harman Building Contactiong Est
Hassan Saqr Building Maintenance
Hassan Zaid Building Materials
Hazim Building Contracting
Helping Hands Building Cleaning
Hometech Facilities Management Services
Hutaib Building Materials LLC
I & MS International LLC
Idea Mobili Building Material LLC
Idrees Building Tools & Hardware Trading
Ikram Building Materials & Tools Trdg
Industrial Equipment & Supplies
Inks - Printing Flexographic & Lithographing
Interior Decorator
Interior Decorators & Designers
Interior Decorators"" & Designers"" Supplies"
Iplan Building Contracting L.L.C
Jabal Al Khair Building Cleaning Services
Jairan Trading LLC
Jalal Ahmed Building Maintenance
Jalanar Building Materials
Johnson Controls
Kaizen Building Contracting LLC
Kallegra Building Materials Trading LLC
Karama Apartments
Karish Lumber International Co LLC
Khader Haber Transport
Khalifa Ali General Maintenance & Decoration LLC
Khandak Bldg Mtrls Co LLC
Killgerm Building Maintenance LLC
Lazord Emirates Building Contracting L.L.C
Lehraif Build Materials Electric & Hardware Store
Lever Building Materials
Lumber World Building Material Trading LLC
Luzan Building Contracting & General Maintenance
Magic Mas Building Maintenance LLC
Magic Touch
Magic Touch Building Cleaning
Magnum Contracting
Maintenance - General
Maintenance Contractors & Services
Maisaloon for Maint & Decoration
Majestic Mountains Building Contracting
Masfoot Building Materials Trading
Master Builders Technologies Middle East LLC
Matito Building Contracting L.L.C
Max Building
Meridian Maintenance
Metal Kitchen
Metallic Building Materials LLC
Metallic Freight
Metex - Metal Expansion Factory
Metro Building Cleaning (MBM)
Metro Building Maintenance (MBM)
Micro Building Cleaning & Security Services
Minnesota International General Trading LLC
Mirage Building Contracting
Mkankoum Building Maintenance & Cleaning Services
Modern Bldg Houses Cleaning Svce
Modern Building Cleaning Est
Modern Building Cleaning LLC
Mohammad Abbas Building Materials
Mohammad Suhail Building Maintenance
Mohammed Ashoor Building Materials
Mohammed Husain Building Material Trading LLC
Mohammed Ibrahim Haji Trading Building Materials Store LLC
Mohd Al Abid Maintenance Est
Mohd Ali Fardan Trading Est
Mohd Ashoor Building Materials LLC
Mohd Essa Cleaning & Building Maint
Mohd Farooq Bldg Maint (LLC)
Mohd Ghanim Building Materials Co
Mohd Jaffar Al Tawash Building Maintenance
Moon Link Building Contracting
Mufaddal Shabbir Building Material Trading LLC
Muhamed Mustafa Building Contracting L.L.C
Multi Building Material
Multicoat General Maintenance Est
Multipoint Building Materials Trading
Multy Star Contracting LLC
Mumtaz Khan Building Contracting LLC
Mustafa Building Material Trading
Mzoon Building Contracting Co.
NSA Building Demolition LLC
Nablus Bldg Maintenance
Nablus Building Materials Trading LLC
Nafees Aluminium LLC
Najmat Baniyas Building Material Trading LLC
Najmat Masandam Interiors LLC
Nasser Mohammed Lootah
Nayef Waleed Building Maintenance
Nazbibi Building Maintenance
Nebras Building Insulation Materials Supply LLC
Nepal Trading
New Point General Maintenance
Nile Building Materials Trading
Noora Building Contracting Establishment
Nova Cleaning Services
OSH Building Maintenance
Omis Building Materials
Ontime Building Maintenance
Orchid Building & Residences Cleaning
Packaging Manufacturers & Suppliers
Paint & General Maintenance
Paintplus Building Material Trading LLC
Palas General Maintenance LLC
Pando Building Maintenance
Pando Building Maintenance LLC
Pars Gem Trading LLC (PGT)
Pearlshore Building Contracting LLC
Pegasus Building Material Trading
Peninsula International Building Materials Co LLC
Perfect Maintenance & Contracting Est
Petroleum Products Suppliers
Pigeon Building Contracting L.L.C
Pine Woods Factory LLC
Premier General Maint Est
Preplan Building Maintenance LLC
Pychem Co LLC
RDK Building Maintenance
RKA Building Materials
Radiant Building Materials Trading LLC
Rank Building Materials LLC
Rasco Bldg Maintenance
Rasheed Building Material Trading LLC
Real Estate
Recon International FZE
Reinforcement Building Maintenance L.L.C
Riyal Building Materials
Royal Wings Building Materials Trading LLC
Rukn.Al Nadhafa Building Cleaning LLC
Rumix Building Materials Trading Co LLC
Rwad Almustaqbal Building Contracting Co. L.L.C
S.A.R Building Contracting (L.L.C)
Saadiyat Building Materials Trading L.L.C
Saeed Abdulla Al Hamsi Bldg Maintenance
Safaa Building Materials Trading
Safeer Building Cleaning Co LLC
Safety Environment
Safina Al Sahara Trading
Sahar General Maintenance
Sahara Emirates General Contracting
Sahrawi Technical Services
Saim Building Materials Llc
Saiplus Building Contracting
Sameer Building Maintenance & Decor Est
Sanaya Building Maintenance & Decoration LLC
Sara Building Maint
Satwa Building Materials Trading Est
Shamsuddin Mohammed Building Materials Trading LLC
Sharif Building Material
Shat Al Arab Bldg Maint
Shining Star Trading LLC
Sidrah Building Materials Trading Company LLC
Silver Electro Mechanical LLC
Sohaili Building Contracting Co LLC
Stargate Building Solution
Stargate Building Solutions LLC
Status General Maintenance & Building Cleaning LLC
Steel Fabricators & Engineers
Strength Building Materials Trading
Strong Building Materials LLC
Surmak Security And Bldg Cleaning Services
Swan Building Maintenance
Swissco Building Materials Trdg Co LLC
Symphony Building Contracting
Taaz Building Equipments LLC
Tabock Building Materials Trading LLC
Taha Building Materials LLC
Tahir Traders
Talal Bin Kadda
Taleb Building Materials
Ternion Building Cleaning Services LLC
The Technical Centre Ltd
Tico Tech
Tiffany Building Maintenance Est
Timber Merchants
Top Class Building Material LLC
Top Point Technical Services LLC
Transcend Building Materials LLC
Transport Companies
Trident Fuel Supply Co LLC
Tyco Building Service Products Middle East
Ultima Building Maintenance
Umm Al Qura Trading Est
United Eng & Tradg Co
Universal Coating & Chemical Industry
Verroli Building Materials Trading LLC
Vijay Rozario Building Cleaning Services
Vikas Building Contracting LLC
Waterproofing Contractors
Web Designing
Wedding Supplies & Services
West View Trading
Western Style Building Materials LLC
Wetar Building Materials Trading Co LLC
White White Building Maintenance LLC
Wisdom Building Cont. Co. LLC
Wonderful City Technical Services LLC
Worldwide Building Demolition LLC
Worldwide Building Materila Trading DMCC
Yacoob Mohd Abu Najmi Building Materials & Transport
Yaqoob Shahin Building Contracting (L.L.C)
Your Own Building Contracting
Yousuf Building Maintenance Services LLC

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