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Fluid Watch

Fluid Watch

The FluidWatch® leak detection system is designed to monitor small areas for water leaks. Its compact design and ease of installation is ideal for applications such as unmanned equipment rooms, small raised floor areas, and small tanks. The system continuously monitors the capacitance... More

Category: Water Treatment & Purification Plant

Sub-Category: Water Treatment Equipment & Supplies

Dimensions:7.20” x 7.20” x 2.50” / (183mm x 183mm x 64mm)
Mounting:Wall mount thru holes on back of panel
FW25-7575ft / (23m)
FW25-SPECustomizable length, max at 125ft / (38m)
Weight: 1.75 lb / (0.8 kg)
FW25-5050ft / (15m)
FW25-100 100ft / (30m)