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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet and Dry vacuum Cleaners are specialized form that can be used to clean up wet spills as well as dry dirt and dust, They are generally designed for floor cleaning for both indoors and outdoors and to accommodate both wet and dry debris (wet and dry vacuum cleaners are also known multi purpose vacuum cleaners), some are also equipped with an exhaust port or detachable blower for reversing the airflow, a useful function for everything from clearing a clogged hose to blowing dust into a corner for easy collection. Why Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner ? Used in commercial properties (hotel rooms, corridors, show room, offices, hospitals, cinemas, restaurants, stores, conference rooms, malls, markets, shops, coffees, food courts, food preparation areas, etc). However, newer and compact models in various sizes have been recently designed by manufacturers for domestic use. The internal electrical components of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner are well insulated and housed separately and that makes the wet and dry vacuum cleaner safe to use with no risk of electrocution to the user or damage to the machine. The durability is important when it comes to high usage, the powerful machines with high quality are always value for money so changing is not needed. Intercare Limited supplies wide range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners for different applications with full accessories, maintenance service is always available in UAE for the machines.
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