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Water Filtration Systems

We offer different types of Multimedia Filteration which enables the media to be automatically backwashed by Time or Volume this will depend on the application. By its name this type of unit has a number of different types and grades of media, this is used to treat Cloudy, Dirty or High Turbity waters, the suspended particles are trapped in the various layers and clear water is produced, typical Turbid Water contains Organic Compounds, Clays, Metals and any other type of suspended matter.
Category: Water Treatment & Purification Plant
Sub-Category: Water Treatment Equipment & Supplies
International Pools Est
locationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
userAyman Nour Aldeen

International Pools Est. is one of the main hydro-mechanical designing organizations found in Sharjah, UAE in 1992, the company has spent significant time in the fields of water treatment, pools, spas, wellsprings, water highlights, and counterfeit lakes. International Pools Abu Dhabi branch was built up in the year 2001 and had executed different renowned projects all over UAE. some of the leading and exceptional products are shown on our profile. We do design, supply, construction, installation, establishment, and dispatching for all the previously mentioned exercises. We likewise supply and install a flexible sauna and steam shower. We are the leading suppliers of high quality and durable fountain and swimming pool accessories and other paraphernalia for pools and others. Including the chemical products, generators, vacuums, etc. being one of the most repetitive ad renowned names for the pool construction in the UAE we are committed to providing life long guarantee of the construction. Our significant customers are in Abu Dhabi Municipality, PWD, Private royal residences, Major advisors, Contractors, and Private homes. We are the complete source of designer and classic installment for the swimming pools, water fountains and other water decorative structures at your home, offices, farmhouses, and anywhere. We are known for am exceptional services with outstanding designs. We are in procedure to be the first choice in the market for water pool construction and design. WE ARE REPRESENTATIVES / DISTRIBUTERS FOR THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS: M/S. HEISSNER, GERMANY (FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENTS) M/S .TECHNIKKI, GREECE (FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENTS) M/S .STROUD, AUSTRALIA (SWIMMING POOL EQUIPMENTS) M/S. DELZONE, USA (OZONE GENERATORS) M/S. REGENT, AUSTRALIA (FOUNTAIN EQUIPMENTS M/S. AQUA, ITALY (SWIMMING POOLS EQUIPMENTS) M/S. ASTRAL, SPAIN (SWIMMING POOL EQUIPMENTS) M/S. PROTEAM, SPAIN (SWIMMING POOL EQUIPMENTS)

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