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The Chiller , water chillers are used in a variety of applications where chilled water or liquid are circulated through process equipment. Commonly used to cool products and machinery, water chillers are used in a multitude of different applications including injection molding, tool and die cutting, food and beverage, chemicals, lasers, machine tool, semi-conductors and more. The function of an industrial chiller is to move heat from one location (usually process equipment or product) to another place (usually the air outside the manufacturing facility). It is very common to use water or a water/glycol solution to transfer the heat to and from the chiller which may require the process chiller to have a reservoir and pumping system. Regardless of your industry and process, making sure that you have sufficient cooling is critical to productivity and cost savings.
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Air Cooled Liquid Chillers MTECH carries vitality effectiveness to a broad scope of procedure cooling applications, for all conditions and cooling necessities. MTECH Cutting edge innovation accomplishes vitality sparing activity and extraordinary cost sparing execution. All the items are verified to be commendable according to Middle East Desert conditions. Industrial Air Chillers Air cooling chillers assimilate heat from process water, and the warmth is then moved to the air near the chiller unit. This sort of chiller framework is commonly utilized in places where the extra warmth released isn't an issue. Actually, it's frequently rational to utilize the overabundance warmth to warm a plant throughout the chilly weather, in this way giving extra cost investment funds. Drinking Water Systems MTECH provides an extensive variety of drinking water systems varying from normal drinking water cooler to completely united Reverse Osmosis cold drinking water panels. These structures are approved under scorching hot desert climate and are ratified by the Municipality of Dubai. Major products that we provide are The Chiller, which is used for the cooling of products and equipment. It’s purpose is to move warmth from one place to another. Another product is water cooler, provides safe drinking water, cools eatables and drinks, chemicals, technical appliances and more.

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