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Technical Inspection Bureau LLC


Technical Inspection Bureau LLC
locationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
userSajim S

TIB is affiliated with British and European institutions that promote testing, quality and certification testing, the Chartered Research Institute (CQI), the LEEA British Council. TIB ISQ (Portugal), Litvin (Switzerland), CanUK (London), APAVE France, Atlas Inexesco (Netherlands) The Trial Bureau (TIB) was first established in London in 1972 and provides external audits and reviews of independent travelers in Europe and the Middle East. TIB was founded in Abu Dhabi in 1989 to support Khalid Al Mohairbi and in 1991 began a joint venture with the Mutawa Group. The deal came to an end in 1991 following the expiration of the British Mutawa Lalliades contract. TIB's cooperation with the Mutua Group has been peacefully extended to UAE resident Saleem Abdul Al Shamsi and approved by the City of Abu Dhabi, ENAS, Industrial Development Center (IDB), CQI, LEEA. , British Security Council, etc. TIB is registered and qualified with many companies such as ADNOC Group in Abu Dhabi, Department of Water and Power, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Aviation, Chief Consultants, Vendors, Transport Equipment, Oil Distributors. And gas, epoxy, and so on.

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