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Thermoplastic Road Marking

Road Markings play a significant role in the safety of road users on today's highways. Designed to provide clear delineation and to warn of potential hazards, road markings are an essential element for road users. Thermoplastic is a hot-applied road marking compound for the creation of highly reflective strips of roads with long-term performance.
Category: Building & Construction
Sub-Category: Road Building Contractors
Middle East Road Marking LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userMr. Ajimsha Basheer

Middle East Road Marking is amongst the foreground roadmaking contractors in the UAE. we are engaged in the road marking industry for a very long time and now we are the most experienced of this work. Our specialty is of the hot thermoplastic machine making for roads and highways consisting the eradication of the existing marks that are already painted on the road. We are licensed contractors accredited with Dubai & Sharjah registration in the professional application of high-quality road marking materials for road marking, car park marking, high friction surfacing, internal markings and resin bound and bonded surfacing. We combine the highest quality, great customer care and a best value approach in our services. We pride ourselves on prompt, reliable service with competitive rates and professional quality work. We are committed to achieving sustainability and focus on complying with environmental procedures in whatever we do! Our team of skilled employees provides quality assured line marking services which is second-to-none using the latest technology and finest materials. We work quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to traffic. Our services are backed by an impressive range of machinery which includes line marking machines and accessories suitable for big & small projects. These machines are serviced regularly and kept in excellent working order.

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