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Swing gates automation motorgear designed with high quality materials. - Patented gears and a solid metal mechanic make BOB a true reference point for big size residential swing gates automations. - BOB is available in 230Vac (BOB50M) or 24Vdc (BOB5024E), both versions equipped with encoder. - This device ensures maximum safety and precision during the gate operation. - BOB5024E can operate even in case of power failure through battery pack. - Energy Efficient - Easy to Maintain - Long Lasting Performance
Category: Doors, Windows & Shutters
Sub-Category: Automatic Doors & Gates
Brand: Beninca
Al Adel Automatic Doors Tr LLC
locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates

AL ADEL AUTO DOERS is a company of the Banica Group specializing in the production of systems that can respond to growing demands in terms of the safety of residential, public or commercial environments. AL ADEL AUTO DOORS includes systems for traffic safety or management, a variety of pedestrian gates and access control. Smart Moving for the company is not only rewarding, but the promise of credibility and innovative solutions reflected in the study will improve people’s mobility and in different everyday contexts. AL ADEL AUTO DOORS In addition to providing personalized products, there are systems around the world that improve the lives of people with a special focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly issues. All of this is done through the study and application of simple and intuitive technologies that make our movements faster and safer with maximum flexibility. Reliability for AL ADEL AUTO DOORS is synonymous with quality above all else. The quest for innovative solutions goes through the exact product choices. Design and Production is one of the AL ADEL AUTO Door Manufacturers, which is strictly managed in conjunction with other companies of the Beninset Hold Group.

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