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Category: Food & Beverages
Sub-Category: Supermarkets
Sajidha Group of Companies
locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates
userMr Mohd. Ali

Sajida Group of Companies has always been known as a pioneer in retail in the East Coast of the United Arab Emirates. People in this field are valued and wholeheartedly supported. Service quality and readiness are always in the group from the start. Headquartered in Horfakan in 1979, the group is a value-added retail store with over 30 stores in the region, including Kalaba, Fujairah, Horfakkan, Dadna and Dibani. Is the ultimate destination for big buyers. Mr. Haji Omar Bawa, the founder of the company, is the director of the company. As an Indian immigrant, he started his career in the UAE 35 years ago. He has experience in the business landscape in all branches. His advice and expertise inspired him to stay behind forever in the company's successful history. The leadership mantra is now positioned by his successor, Ansar Alug Omar as chief executive officer and Mr. Mohamed Anwar as managing director. Sajida Group has five managing partners to guide it. The company has well-optimized and targeted business portfolios that will lead them to success. The company provides all sorts of advanced and sophisticated infrastructure for all its channels for opossit and excellent performance. With fun and innovative variations from the accustomed supermarket, Sajida delivers a sophisticated shopping environment to customers by taking advantage of all the needs of customers under one umbrella. The company has established good relations with citizens and government agencies in the area. In addition, they have healthy relationships and business deals with leading distributors of national and international brand products. Commenting on being the pioneer of the retail industry, our customers have consistently exceeded the expectations of providing their shopping experience consistently, to ensure the good value of the goods and services they want, at prices and quality. Sajida Group of Company is always dedicated to customer satisfaction and their needs. We provide an excellent shopping experience to ensure that customers find Sajida the best choice for quality products

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