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This is confirmed by the Middle East Business Company SAER, Dubai, ISO 9001: 2008 Company, which owns and distributes only SAER Electrocompay SPA As part of Talia SAER, the largest retailer of products and services in the Middle East that manages to sell SAER pumps in the United States, Oma and Mana , then marketing services. . SAER Electropumpe has been providing water and electricity to government, business, agricultural and domestic businesses since 1951. SAER products are ideal for neighborhoods, fire prevention, heating, heating, marinas and minerals.This includes: Generalized pumps and standardized pumps, according to EN733, are available in a variety of sizes (including blade or load-bearing shafts) and many materials (carbon, stone, stone, bronze, stainless steel) are available between 07575 and 500 kW. Power 300 kW and various metallurgical motors (carbon steel, rubber, brass, silver, duplex) and submersible pumps (4 "to 14") and motors (4 "to 12"). Vertical and small pumps of different phases, with a power of 0.75 to 500 kW. Divide the chain pump by 15-1500 kW. Pumps for indoor applications and booster equipment.

Saer Middle East
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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