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Precast Stair Systems along with Stair and Elevator Shafts are an economical, quick solution for any new building. They are compatible with precast, steel, block or any type of building product. This product can speed up the construction schedule greatly by giving all trades access to all floors as soon as construction begins. No temporary access stairs or dangerous scaffolding is needed. Precast Stair Systems can be installed at the beginning of the project eliminating the need for dangerous scaffolding and providing a safe way for subcontractors to access all levels of the building. Precast Stair Systems are durable and very low maintenance.
Category: Building & Construction
Sub-Category: Concrete Precast & Post
Abudhabi Precast LLC
locationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
userJoji Sebastian

Abu Dhabi Precast (ADP) is one of the leading manufacturers of assembly plants and spreadsheets in the U.A.E. Saeed Zuma Al Kabi Free Download ADP is a leader in product manufacturing, distribution and manufacturing in the region. Since its inception, ADP has grown to several locations in the Mosaic space, owned by ASCORP Holdings, an individual manufacturer. ADP has a wide range of high quality machinery and equipment in its industry. Our factory base is in Abu Dhabi-Al-Musafa industrial zone, total production area, total area 32000 m2. We have three modern and fully combined plants of different types. We have a high laboratory with excellent equipment to test raw materials and high quality high quality mechanical products. ADP has a production capacity of 700 m3 load per day and 300 m3 empty core per day. Various ADP products meet international standards and as a result are accepted and applied in the public and private sectors. The drive to improve quality and quality is the area of our experienced and seasoned industry sponsors team. As a supporter of our pursuit of excellence, we have been awarded ISO 9001: 2015 certification for equipment and maintenance. We have a quality control system and meet the requirements of the International Extended Directive: PCP Precast Precast Concrete (PCI), British Airways Institute (ACI), BSN, Small Iron Concrete (CPCI) and American SoC Test and Computer Scale (ASTM). The ADP has a transport and volunteer team, as well as a transport volunteer and a mobile wheelchair to carry out the project. Our various products have been approved by the Director of Welfare Department of Abu Dhabi (DMW), the Ministry of Defense, ADNOC and ADWEA, Takir, Musanaada, ADDC, Adco, Transco, AADC and other private sector customers. private and public. For these reasons, ADP is a very good choice for all relevant services in the UAE.

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