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Solar Telecommunication

Renewable solar energy systems have been found to be very useful in providing power to telecommunication systems where standard energy is no access to the grid, telecom companies are presented with the challenge on how to effectively supply electricity to these locations. Currently diesel generators are being used to meet energy demands, which are high maintenance and require a constant supply of fuel. In comparison to the pre-existing diesel generator systems employed, this solar system provides a low maintenance and hassle free solution which not only reduces running costs but addresses environmental concerns as it has Zero emissions. These ensure reliability and sustainability both of which makes solar power a cost effective solution for all remote applications. The Solar telecom solutions offered by our company are tailored for the telecom sector to meet their set requirements. This solution involves design, supply and installation of equipments to meet customer requirements
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Solar Telecommunication
Shams Al Khaleej Solar Energy Systems LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userRami Mohamed

SHAMS AL KHALEEJ was established a long time ago and since then it has been giving an excellent provision in the service of Solar energy systems in the UAE. the company has been established to provide all kinds of solutions in the UAE. has been established as a solution provider company in the U.A.E. The company is procuring a wide range of professional approach for both residential and commercial markets. The services include Electrical, PV Installations, Energy Efficiency Measures, Backup Emergency Generators, and Energy Audits. Our off-matrix sun oriented charge ventures give a compelling and sustainable power source that meets the most elevated wellbeing and plan details. So our way to deal with taking a nearby planetary group from starting structure right through the establishment and interconnection with the service organization. Furthermore, has designing and specialized assets, and ability and experience to assist customers with making progress with their sun based incorporation and sun oriented vitality ventures. The company is a great and reliable name in terms of its epic and advantageous services lashed with the advancement in technical installation and other services. We are constantly giving excellent service to the customers and trying for challenges on the way to improvise the company to a higher level. Products images:

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