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Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Fast Gun 998 UL – The basic principle of shrink wrapping is quite simple. It involves covering the item to be wrapped with low-density polyethylene film and then, on application of heat from the 998 Heat gun, the film shrinks and tightens to protect the product. With its superior engineering the 998 Heat gun has been designed with a wide range of film types, thicknesses and applications in mind. The advanced aerodynamics of the 998 Heat gun give a wide and even disbursement of heat which means faster shrink rates and a constant transfer of heat, which minimises hot spots. Because the 998 Heat gun shrinks consistently and uniformly; thinner less expensive film can be used. The 998 Heat gun is completely portable and handheld. With no electrical connections, and weighing only 1kg, it can easily be carried to any location, any job, inside or out!
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In the Industrial packaging material industry we are one of the leading suppliers in the UAE. Our Goal is to regularly offer the best and the widest range of innovative packaging and related services at a cost-effective price to our customers. Our warehouse and distribution centre stocks all the product lines and we are very consistent about our delivery so we try our best to deliver all the material and products anywhere in the UAE within a short period of time. We are proud of our instant delivery team and effective customer groups. Our main products are : Jumbo bags, packaging tape, strapping machines, bubble wraps, silica gel, corrugated rolls and strapping of steel, pet, composite etc. We love to hear from our clients so do visit our websites contact us section to reach us. With the High Quality Standards Of Customer Service We at BF Pack have built a reputation by providing the best customer service which is reactive towards customers needs. We mainly concentrate on proving the best range of packaging products at a cost-effective price. The team of BF Pack has gained the best technical training so they are knowledgeable about the products so they can give you the right advice for the packaging solution for your business. We offer well organised consultations and flexible pricing to show the appreciation we have for our old and upcoming clients.

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