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A research team that surveyed the dynamics of the real estate market in 1997 during the legislative changes and the new economic thinking of the Government, regarding freehold properties, came to the conclusion that a company that manages and markets properties would surely be very successful in the region. This thought was further strengthened by the growth of tourism in the UAE. Hence Al Khaimah Real Estate was incorporated in 1997 to manage and market its own properties. It rocketed to the forefront by carrying on with the trend of carefully studying the market and the changing customer requirements with an extremely talented sales and marketing team.
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Real Estate
Al Khaimah Real Estate
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

Abdul Ghaffar Al Hashimi, One of the former senior most managers at previously called National Bank of Dubai (Today Emirates NBD), has been associated with the bank for over 40 years, and is currently the Chairman of Pearl Coast Investments LLC. He is joined by his sons, Rashad Al Hashimi (Group CEO and Board Member) and Saleh Al Hashimi (Executive Director). Saleh Al Hashimi focuses on the finances and real estate developments. The organization started its first operations in the real estate industry over 30 years ago, and soon diversified into general trading, manufacturing and building management and maintenance.

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