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Raw Water Intake

Wherever large quantities of water are needed, the extraction of surface water is also a frequent option. Water is pumped and transferred, for water purification for example, by using shallow wells in lakes or rivers. The establishment and management of wells are major cost factors in water supply. Of great importance is extensive knowledge in geohydrology, water quality, water resource development options and materials, as well as flow conditions at the well. Having your own well or borehole makes you independent of expensive drinking water and rainwater that is only limitedly available. Wilo submersible pumps will help you pump ground water and irrigate larger areas reliably and easily.
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Wilo Middle East FZE
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As an international premium manufacturer of pumps and a world-leading driver of innovation, proximity to our customers and partners is a must. With an extensive and efficient network of product and sales companies close to our customers, Willow also has a contact point for your queries and needs. As a trusted partner, being close to our customers is a matter of great concern. We strive to identify new needs first and provide customized solutions that help our customers move forward and avoid failures. With over 60 production and distribution companies worldwide, we have presence in every continent. This ensures we can respond to new growth markets and the ever-increasing demand for high-performance technologies. We are aiming to continuously expand our global businesses: In 2011 we opened our new Near-East Central Office in Turkey and high-end production sites in China.Improved product quality: Increased efficiency helps to free up employees and resources for innovation and quality control that would have been wasted under different circumstances Better lead times: When manufacturing processes are streamlined, businesses can respond better to fluctuations in demand and other market variables. In the end, this results in fewer delays and improved lead times. Employee Satisfaction: Employees understand when their daily workload is stuffed with unnecessary work, and it often leads to decreased morale. Lean philosophy works to boost not only productivity but employee satisfaction. Sustainability: Incorporating lean philosophy leads to less waste and better adaptability, creating an environment for business that’s better equipped to thrive far into the future.

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