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Palissandro White

Palissandro White is a kind of white marble quarried in Greece with its hypnotic veining’s & color variations; the mesmerizing Palissandro is one of the world’s popular materials.
Category: Building Material
Sub-Category: Marble & Granite
Compressive Strength1224 kgf/cm²
Water absorption 0.17%
Impact test min. fall height30 cm
Bulk density2852 kg/m³
Bulk density 2725 kg/m³
Sun Italia Marble & Granites
locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates
userMr Alam Khan

Sun Italia Marble has been an Iconic symbol in Marble trade for over 40 years in the Middle East region and has been recognized by the elite Construction Tycoons. Sun Italia is one of the most important companies that contributed to building the most significant monuments of the United Arab Emirates. It was established in Kuwait in 1982 by the Lebanese businessman Mohammed Ali Elzein who launched it globally and launched its branch in Lebanon in 1984, then in 1992 in the UAE starting from the emirate of Sharjah and earned a reputation throughout its years and recognition by the government and private sectors gaining its credibility with customers. It specializes in marble, granite and natural stones within international standards contributing to supply its products to global and local contractors and retailers. Sun Italia produces and provides the most exquisite stones to all countries. It also imports from the most famous countries in this field like Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey,Norway, Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Brazil and Vietnam and works with many professional engineers and sculptor artists who provide the most beautiful designs to suit all tastes. This success was made only by the solidarity of all the members of the Elzein family and the determination to remain at the forefront through participation in the largest international exhibitions specialized in this field especially in the Italian exhibitions. It was the starting point for the world. An extensive network of global relations was established In several countries known to produce the finest types of natural stone. This spread has opened the doors of supply to many countries. Sun Italia has opened new branches in some countries, such as UAE, USA, Sultanate of Oman, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, and India. Beauty, quality and unique style are our motto; It’s always looking for the finest, the best and the most beautiful in the field. The Horizon is our boundary, and our intercontinental reputation is our partner.

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