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A full design and drafting services is available for all your marine requirements. Modern software compliments the extensive experience to provide a quality service to high standards. All aspects of design and drawing are available. SHIP DESIGN DRAWINGS FOR NEW BUILD, MODIFICATION OR CONVERSION - All types of vessel design drawings can be produced utilising the lastest CADD software, operated by experienced personnel & supported by naval Architects & Engineers. Modification or conversion concepts can be developed for implementation. AS BUILT DRAWINGS PRODUCED - Vessels can be measured & surveyed to produce as built drawings. TRIM & STABILITY CALCULATIONS FOR INTACT OR DAMAGED CONDITION - All types of calculations & modeling can be conducted to evalute & verify stability conditions. Advanced hull modeling software is used along with stability software. Longitudinal strength calculations, Tonnage & freeboard calculations can be conducted. PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN - Pressure vessel design to comply with any required standard can be conducted & drawings produced. TANK CALIBRATIONS - Full tank calibrations can be conducted & tables generated. LASHING & SEA FASTENINGS - Lashing & sea fastening calculations & design can be conducted to comply with clients requirements.
Category: Marine & Offshore
Sub-Category: Offshore Surveyors
Emirates Marine Services (LLC)
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Marine Services is a marine survey and consultancy company established in the service of UAE back in 1996, the company was established in Dubai and since then it has been work-oriented and made a position of itself amongst the leading companies in the list of marine survey and consultancy field. Our company has extensive experience due to years of involvement in the international marine world and so we offer a wide range of professional and outstanding service at a valuable price and competitive rates from the market. You will never be disappointed with our services as our team is the fleet of the bet selective and experienced workers reinforce for your service. With the ability to serve the best always we have been able to win the trust of many of the customers in the indigenous of the UAE and now we are seeking to spread our service to more of the customers overseas and every segment of the country so that the customers can get their requirement with perfection and ease. We are always there to avail you of the best service with the surety of cost-effectiveness in our work. EMIRATES MARINE SERVICES is a free marine overview and consultancy organization set up in Dubai in 1996 with a profoundly experienced and qualified marine workforce. The organization has broad involvement with the International marine world and offers a wide scope of expert administrations to exclusive requirements at exceptionally serious rates. All exercises are secured by ISO 9001 Certification gave by Lloyds QA.

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