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Multipurpose Grease

General purpose Calcium & Lithium soap greases specifically formulated to provide effective oxidation resistance, rust and corrosion protection. The use of Lithium soap in these greases provides excellent structural stability throughout their recommended temperature range. They possess high chemical stability, resistance to thermal breakdown and deterioration. They also resist water washing.
Category: Oil, Gas & Lubricants
Sub-Category: Lubricants
Multipurpose Grease
Sunlube Lubricants Industry LLC
locationRas Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
userMohammed Kanch

Sunlube Lubricants Industry LLC is a pioneer lubricant manufacturer in the UAE, based at Ras Al Khaimah complying with International Standards and operating throughout the Middle East, Asia & African regions. At Sunlube Lubricants Industry LLC, we are committed to get you a competitive advantage for yourself and your customers providing the best product for a specific application with exceptional services and facilities like: Sunlube has the most modern blending facility which contains lines of base oil storage tanks, finished product tanks with proper filling and packaging facility. Having technical service specialists who can advise you on your specific application needs.

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