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Manufacturing Our production space is outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology and complete set of facilities to sew and cut fabric panels to perfection and leverage only high frequency machinery for PTFE and PVC materials. In addition, our workshops are equipped with all the latest equipment, including painting facility, drilling units, roll benders, and welding stations. Strongest seams pertinent to the individual fabric heat sealing radio frequency (RF) sealing are utilized in the fabrication of our tensile shades structures, since high class threads and sewn seams offer the most durable life expectancy in the market. The fabric cutting, sewing, and pattering crews employ the most advanced computer controlled cutting technology, which can provide tight tolerance and load analysis.
Category: Exhibition,Event & Parties
Sub-Category: Tents & Tarpaulins
Al Zayed Shades & Tents Industries LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

Our company which is Al Zayed Shades And Tents Industries LLC was started to dominate and with a goal of giving high quality of fabric and tensile structure which is better in quality than any other provider of fabric and tensile structure. Our company was started in Pakistan in the year of 1984, We at Al Zayed Shades launched our company as manufacturers of Arabic and military cloths of tents to be up to the present. Al Zayed Shades are the right option for the protections from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. In the year of 1995 we at Al Zayed Shades came with out business to Dubai, United Arab Emirates we continued our business as the main supplier of Military and Arabic tents cloths and as the time flies by we come with innovative ideas, latest variety of products and latest fabric technology in the market, commercial 95, PVC and PTFE fabric are the thing we use to complete tensile structure. Presently, Al Zayed Shades And Tents Industries LLC is mostly known and famous for its products of tents with the efforts and help of the in house employees, engineers and fabricators who are able to do team work to provide our clients with the best quality design, manufacturing and final site installing.

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