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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi
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We are a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers in Abu Dhabi that have been providing legal services for over two decades. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services to a wide range of sectors. We are now one of the most established law firms in Abu Dhabi. With a presence all over the Middle East, we have one of the broadest networks among the legal firms in Abu Dhabi, and moreover, we are now one of the best lawyers in Dubai. This has allowed us to provide the best legal advice to our clients, in whatever way they need our help. We are one of the few law firms in Abu Dhabi that have the most experienced attorneys who will provide proper solutions after studying the case in detail. Our advocates in Abu Dhabi promise you to offer expert guidance to all your law-related worries. Our team helps you to tackle any legal issues while abiding all the laws of the country. They have deep knowledge of the laws and legal procedures in the UAE, and thus can help you find the perfect solutions for your cases. We provide you legal assistance for all sorts of cases like Family, Business, Criminal, or Corporate. We are one of the best law firms in Abu Dhabi that make the whole process easier for you by helping you find the perfect lawyer for your case, as we serve you with complete passion and dedication. Thus, we reached our current position as one of the most trusted lawyers in Abu Dhabi.
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Lawyers in Abu Dhabi

We are a longest-standing law firm in Dubai, an unrivalled position. We are one of the top law firms in UAE that has more than 12 years of experience and have experience in providing full-service offerings by law specialists for all sorts of legal services. The knowledge we have accumulated over the year helps us provide expert legal advice in the sectors which our clients operate in. Moreover, working with industry leaders in the area helps in improving our reputation for providing expert guidance on all areas of law. We are among the few legal firms in Dubai that have had the opportunity to assist people from over a wide variety of industries. Our highly experienced and qualified team of lawyers never studies your case carefully, before doing the needful.

Ibrahim Khouri Advocates & Legal Consultant
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Deepak , Balan
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