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Insulation and Cladding

One of our major areas of work is that of Insulation (also called Lagging) and Cladding. Our services cover all types of insulation, i.e., Thermal Insulation (both Hot Insulation and Cold Insulation), Personnel Protection (both Burn Protection and Freeze Protection), Cryogenic Insulation,Acoustic Insulation and Fire Protection Insulation. Depending on the specific application requirements, we install a wide variety of insulation materials such as Stone wool (popularly known as rock wool), Glass fiber wool, Cellular glass, Ceramic fiber wool, Calcium silicate, Polyurethane foam, Polyisocyanurate foam, Flexible elastomeric (Rubber) foam, Polyolefin, Polystyrene, Phenolic foam, Microporous insulation, ceramic insulating coatings etc. These materials are available in many forms such as preformed pipe-sections, felts or blankets, boards or slabs, and with many types of reinforcements or facings. We are also one of the few regional insulation contractors with expertise in in-situ sprayed or injected polyurethane foam. For additional mechanical and weather protection, we provide cladding on insulated surfaces, using aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets. We also provide alternative jacketing solutions including acoustic damping materials, GRP coatings (for chemical/corrosion resistance), reinforced vapor barrier (for advanced atmospheric protection), burn protection guards etc. Certain items such as mufflers, turbo-chargers, turbines, process valves, pumps, expansion bellows etc., require frequent access, for which conventional insulation systems may be impractical. For such applications, we offer our clients a custom-fabricated solution that is both removable and reusable – insulation pillows or insulation pads or insulation jackets. These can be made using fabrics with a variety of properties: withstanding temperatures up to 1000°C, protecting against water or resisting chemicals.
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Insulation and Cladding
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