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Space Frame Systems

They are modular systems that are formed by the combination of rod elements in three separate planes at one point and work statically in three directions. These systems, which are of European origin and have been used all over the world for years, have a wide application area. Instead of prestressed concrete, classical steel truss systems or similar systems used in the past, SPACE CAGE SYSTEMS, which are cheaper and easier to apply, are used in crossing large spans. Space system designs are pyramid, spherical shell, cylinder, ellipsoid, arc etc. depending on the architectural or static construction. Various and different geometric forms such as, or multi-storey, straight, broken in both directions and so on. can be in forms.
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Space Frame Systems
Gulf Uzay Construction
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userSaad Tartir

UK Space Construction Systems Construction Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. was launched in early 2004. It now produces within its own mill with approximately 50 employees. Together with 10 engineers and specialized employees from its team, it has been functioning with over two decades of knowledge in construction technologies. The very first space method fabricating was only available with us from the early eighties. The distance machine fabricating experience that began having a provider is now ongoing using a lot of businesses. Though UK Space building programs is amongst the latest businesses inside the construction industry marketplace, it's seen this particular experience having its own administrative job, job and producing team from first on job and fabricating problems plus got the absolute most experienced team as it's an organization based on people involved inside this procedure. As an Effect of this, it generates properly equipped, excellent, protected and economic approaches. The substances utilized in UK Construction are unquestionably first class and accredited along with also their caliber complies with all the expectations. Such high quality material is used in view of federal and global fabricating specs. Our firm has generated ~ 70 percent of its own productions since 2004, also as the UK will Continue to encourage and fortify its ruling, "The space strategy makes the Best Turkish companies," existing in all Arab nations, with good relations.

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