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Category: Oil, Gas & Lubricants
Sub-Category: Lubricants
Solar Lubricant Manufacuring LLC
locationAjman, United Arab Emirates
userOmar Rahama

Solar Oil Industry.L.C is a leading manufacturer of oil and U.A.E. In Certified ISO Refiner. Since 1991. We manufacture automotive lubricants and manufactures of different SAE class and meet the standard A.P.I. We offer packages of all kinds to meet the specific needs of our customers. As an oil producer, we make sure that our products are used globally by importing globally to Africa, Europe, Russia and Asia, and that we create the right mix of fats in the world. SOLAR LUBRICANTS Industrial LLC intends to become a global player. For its benefits and purposes, it is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of the world. Effective, competitive price and best after sales service. The company is confident of having a great union. Britain, Russia, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and the UAE are other countries in Oman, Bahrain, Morocco, Afghanistan and other countries.According to our expansion plans, we intend to set up dealerships in GCCProviding countries, supporting them with quality products with benefits and continuity. We are Oman. The Sultanate of Sultanate is in the process of setting up a refinery and manufacturing unit. , Provides technical advice to blending and manufacturing plants currently located in the United Arab Emirates Execution plant is not billed in construction. ITD begins with the mind. SOLAR LUBRICANTS MANUFACTURING LLC, through due diligence and discipline, encourages its employees to take pride in their jobs and provide personalized customer service.

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