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GRP Molded Grating

Corrosion Resistance: The use of more than ten premium grade resin systems with a thoroughly wetted fiberglass process and a one piece molded construction ensures solid structural integrity in tough environments. -Slip Resistance: A meniscus or permanent grit surface provides a safe, slip-resistant walking surface. -Low Maintenance: Corrosion resistant and requires no scraping, sandblasting or painting -Fire Retardant: Flame spread rating of 25 or less, as tested in accordance with ASTM E-84: meets the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635 -High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: less than one-half the weight of steel grating allowing easy removal for access below floor level and installation with no heavy equipment and less manpower -Electrically and Thermally Nonconductive: All FRP construction provides additional worker safety -Impact Resistance: Can withstand major impacts with little structural damage and no failure -Easily Fabricated: not need heavy lifting equipment or expensive tools: can be easily carried by two workers: can be cut using standard circular or saber saws fitted with abrasive blades: has excellent utilization. -Electronically Transparent: not affect electromagnetic or radio wave frequencies The strength and corrosion resistance of FRP grating are related to the glass content, resin content, resin type and method of construction. EFG molded products provide an outstanding balance of corrosion resistance, slip resistance and strength.
Eissa Fiber Glass LLC
locationAjman, United Arab Emirates

Fiberglass LLC is ready to present itself as one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and suppliers of fiberglass products, offering a wide range of products, including GRP, FRP. Includes GRE products. Near GMC Hospital, New Industrial Zone, Ajman, UAE, the company quickly achieved its unique, measurable, realistic and timely goals. The key to a company's success is the proper use of management skills, technology and resources. We have the most experienced and experienced fiberglass technicians and a strong staff to implement and manage them. In EFG, it is important to fulfill every part of the user’s request / request, thus ensuring the quality of services and products. By God's grace, we have few primary sources Compare the goals we want. We learned that hard work is the key to success in construction. With our strong workforce to meet the development needs of the industry and the UAE, AFG offers a wide range of polyester wall products reinforced with various glass in the construction industry. The company relies on quality and is determined to invest in advanced technologies. The company relies on personal sales and after-sales services, which are the driving force in understanding customer needs. Teams of experienced marketers determine customer satisfaction and find new ways to find products and services

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