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The company specializes in legal audits, internal audits, accounting and accounting, value-added consulting services, as well as return of shares, establishment of companies, possible research and company reports. Mostly 24 years of experience. It operates banks, businesses, gold and jewelry, hotels, information offices, transport, construction, trade, industry, tourism and tourism, schools, associations and various businesses. BC Joshua is an international accredited and subsidiary agency (Magan Lal Thakar & Co., Oman, 1976). As soon as it enters Dubai, one of the fastest growing commercial capitals in the world, the company grows from small and medium enterprises and many other countries. The service is in line with the quality and vision of its customers and is one of the most efficient accounting companies in Dubai. SM Joshi Chartered Accountants was founded in 1993 and is supported by a team of the best experts and auditors. Since then Master Mind has been working behind the scenes to provide quality services in the Arab world in the areas of corporate governance and business consulting. Hard to say, his great devotion to everything he did gave him the path to success. In addition, his good behavior to provide good accounting services has allowed him to enter the market. Today, after being trusted by its wealthy clients around the world, it helps with audit, accounting and management.

S. M. Joshi Chartered Accountants - Auditors
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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