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Fiber Optic Solutions provides a far greater bandwidth than copper and is typically used for backbone connection between localized networking equipment and is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for high quality and reliable analog and digital communications. We carry out the design, installation, testing & maintenance of Fiber Optic systems including Fusion Splicing & Termination of multimode & singlemode fiber cables.
Category: IT Services & Networking
Alan Technology LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userManoj Jacob

Established in 1990, ALAN Technology LLC was created to take the lead in the field of network solutions and support, bringing human integration and innovation to systems integration, network consulting and facility management for the next generation of businesses. A major supplier of solutions. . To achieve this goal and create outstanding value for customers, ALAN - Advanced Local Area Network Technology is committed to providing IT solutions that meet our customer needs in today's fast-moving and ever-changing information-centric world. Maintains the edge. Why we are Customer needs are often overlooked, as corporate requirements extend to the traditional areas of networking and computing, as well as virtualization and cloud solutions. ALAN is fast-paced with technology and provides cost-effective all-in-one solutions that go beyond simple hardware and software support. We offer a complete design and installation service with dedicated IT support in providing the right IT infrastructure, IT systems and services. Pre-consultation service and post-establishment training are our strongest elements.

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