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Fabrication & Architectural Workshop
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Fabrication division predominantly moves in basic steel, treated steel, aluminum and engineering works. We complete manufacture of fuel and water tanks, pressure tanks, battery stockpiling racks and boxes, squander arranging skips, show stands, electric posts and sections, steps, stepping stools, monitor rails, mezzanine floors, handrails,balustrades, bollards, foot rails, manages and different sorts of extras for development industry.
Category: Aluminium
Sub-Category: Aluminium Fabricators
Fabrication & Architectural Workshop

Pertech group have been formed in the UAE by the joining of like-minded technocrats to provide quality service to its customers. The companies have the ability to execute any single contact up to the value of AED 10 million and with the ongoing development plan to the existing infrastructure will target larger contacts.

Pertech Middle East LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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