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Strong Portable water for drinking & other purposes is prone to water infections and allied diseases.Conventional materials like concrete Promote bacterial growth and steel results corrosion Among all materials fiber glass haven been recommended to avoid such effects and compare very favourably with other materials in quality ,easy of handling and quality retention of stored water Propertices -Light in weight and an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio -Easy in handling ,installing & repairing -The versatility of tank allows it to be installed indoor outdoor underground or atop -Does not corrode or get mechanically affected even after prolonged exposure to adverse atmosphere or sunlight -Does not support bacterial growth of Algae & Fungus Propertices -Water Tank -Diesel Tank -Septic tANK -Soak-Away Tanks
Category: Tanks,Drums & Containers
Sub-Category: Fibreglass & Plastic Tanks
Skyline Plastic Industries LLC
locationAjman, United Arab Emirates
userSumith Sasi

Skyline Road Barriers are manufactured from tough moulded uv stabilized polyethylene.They are easy to carry transport stack store and put together.One person can easily move an empty barrier into position and the simple moulded male-female pin system allows barriers to be tightly interlocked for a extra strength .Skyline barriers can be filled with water for added weight and stability Road Barrier Application Road Construction Sites Road Closure/works Building /Work site pedestrian control Sporting events Shows/Glass Car Parks Road Barriers Application Used to channel traffic,personnel or vehicle creating a d distinct visible guide Easy setup for minimal vehicular impact Energy Absorbing Simple locking system enables two-person operation setup & removal of barriers No surface fixing required Highly visible colors available GRP SECTIONAL TANKS Skyline GRP panel tanks are manufactured under the European Standard using high quality of raw material the double smooth skin panel tanks ,which are made from fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) are better and safer for potable water than concrete and steel tanks Materials Testing All materials used have been rigorously tested for suitability with portable water .all non-metallic materials include adhesive carry current approval by the water research center UK. They have also been thoroughly tested for mechanical properties and long-term degradation at various laboratories and proved with actual field performance .These testes form the basis of the production quality control testing

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