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Electric Motors
Muraibit Group of Companies LLC
locationSharjah, United Arab Emirates
userHarpreet Singh

MURAIBIT SHIP SPARE PARTS TRADING CO. L.L.C HAS LONG BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED AS U.A.E’S LEADING DISTRIBUTOR AND SERVICE AGENT OF DOWNSTREAM PETROLEUM, INDUSTRIAL AND MARINE EQUIPMENT. Inspired by the vision of its founder, Mr. Paviter Singh, Muraibit Trading has been providing premium quality products and tailor-made solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, oil, liquefied gases, tank truck, transport, aviation, liquid terminals, and marine markets since 1995. Our core products include, but are not limited to, tank truck equipment, flow meters, transfer pumps, loading arms, compressors, overfill prevention, product monitoring, and vehicle grounding systems, hose reels, meter registers, valves and a comprehensive range of pipe fittings. Because of our high volume purchasing power, Muraibit Trading will in most cases beat the factory direct pricing. Our dedicated team, distinguished by its unrivaled industry and functional capabilities, is committed to delivering superior products and solutions at competitive prices time after time, regardless of the application or installation. With over 22 years’ experience in identifying and meeting the needs of these complex markets, we know that your business depends on getting maximum utility and efficiency from your equipment. That’s why safety, reliability and excellent after sales service are always foremost in our thinking for the equipment and solutions that we provide. When you use an MSSP product, you see our commitment to excellence.

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