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Category: Oil, Gas & Lubricants
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Diesel Fuel Supplier
Commander Diesel Trading
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userMr Mohmammed

Commander Diesel Trading was established in 2012 as a leading Fuel Supply and Diesel Distributor in UAE. Our head office is located in Dubai and branch in Abu Dhabi & Umm al Quwain. Commander Diesel Trading is proud of its regional relationship which enables it to move diesel almost anywhere in UAE. Although many factors contribute to the development of the company, the key to the firms’ growth and success remains the quality of products & enthusiasm of its employees, in the ever fast moving world of diesel, to satisfy the client requirements with Professionalism and dedication. Our prime product is 10 PPM as ADNOC specification quality, which means that sulfur content is up to a maximum of 0.001% (10 PPM), strictly in accordance with the Ministry of Petroleum and natural Resources’ rules and regulations. Constantly leading industry progress and setting benchmarks in the delivery of diesel fuel, Commander Diesel Trading strives to offer top quality and environment friendly products to meet customers’ demands. We NEVER compromise quality over price, hence, we take pride towards the complete satisfaction of our working Partners.

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