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We carry an indestructible aim to serve our clients with the best quality in a highly efficient manner and to fulfil this, we offer an overwhelming range of dairy and cheese products sourced from different corners of the World. Our success is driven by the believe that fermented products are a core part of our daily life. Therefore, we strive to introduce innovative and healthy dairy products and carry the diversity of renowned brands to help our clients develop their own presence across their clients. We are one of the leading suppliers of premium dairy and cheese products with the right ingredients and quality to add extra values and perfection to your selection which helps you build a sustainable partnership with your clients.
Category: Food & Beverages
Sub-Category: Food Importers & Exporters
Dairy & Cheese
Safco International General Trading LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userGagandeep Sahni

SAFCO International General Trading Co. L.L.C, is one of the leading food service distributor, importer and exporter of superior quality food and non-food products in the IJAE, Middle East region & international markets. We offer an exceptional blend of premium quality ingredients and value-added service to our clients. With years of dedication, fine touch of service and sole distribution rights for 35+ brands, 100+ non-exclusive distribution brands, 9 in-house brands and over 25,000 products, SAFCO prides itself for being a leading supply partner to most of the five-star hotels, dining catering companies, bakeries, Ship restaurants, chandling, airlines, cruise lines, hospitals in the I-JAE and internationally.

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