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At Dar, we have engineered some of the world’s most complex projects across continents. We have conceived one of the world’s biggest universities, expanded some of the busiest airports, designed World Cup stadiums, and dug tunnels across swelling soils.
Category: Engineering & Mechanicals
Sub-Category: Engineering Consultants
Dar Al Handasah Consultants Shair and Partners
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userDar Al Handasah Consultants Shair and Partners

We provide planning, design, management and advice for some of the most important and exciting projects in the world. The challenge is to empower our community with our team of experts. Our projects in the suburbs and in the center, in the desert, on the subway, in the battlefields and in the holy temples shape the lives of our people. It has 9,250 employees and we work in 47 offices in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our top five design centers are Beirut, Cairo, London, North Korea and Aman. And in everything, we want to move forward for our society. What should be your service? The quality of the product is improving. Enhancing efficiency helps employees freeze resources and control the quality of innovation lost in a variety of situations. Leadership time is good. It will be better to improve the manufacturing process as well as meet the needs of the enterprise and other currencies in the market. However, this reduces delays and leads to better next time. Employee satisfaction I understand that the daily workload of employees often lowers morale. Thin philosophy not only increases productivity but also promotes employee satisfaction. Stability. Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

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