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Category: AC & Refrigeration
Sub-Category: Air Conditioning Equipments
Honest Hands Technical Services Co LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
userMs. Dhaniya

We are involved with designing, supplying and installation of split decorative units, ducted split units, Domestic Air Conditioning systems installation & repair, etc Fumes/smoke extract system implementation. . As you know that the air conditioning system that you use should be checked after regular intervals of time. Apart from that our services include package units and chilled water systems, Domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning installation, repairing and annual maintenance.etc The service person checks the refrigerant gas levels, tests the thermostat, and makes sure that all the internals are in good condition. Air conditioner coils, filters all require regular maintenance after a regular period of time this will ensure the efficiency of your air - conditioner. Clogged and dirty air filters can actually reduce the working capacity of your air conditioners. Apart from that other services are also Chilled water piping works with MS & ABS pipes and refrigerant piping works with copper pipes, Repairing and maintenance of centrifugal plants, Repairing and maintenance of reciprocating plants, Design, fabrication, and installation of structural works. Ductwork with GI sheet, pre-insulated sheet (make P3 & ALP) & stainless steel sheet.Installation of Hygienic and energy-saving air-conditioning systems. Thus it becomes important that we hire professionals for this [purpose.Concrete coring.Aluminium & stainless steel cladding for pipes and ducts. Assembling AHU & FAHU with a heat recovery system. You should allow minimum debris to enter your filters Design, fabrication, and installation of structural works.

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