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Chemical & Waterless Toilets

Waterless Toilet eliminates the use of water for flushing hence lowering the environmental impacts compared to water-efficient toilets and wastewater recycling systems. Ecoplanet offers Chemical Toilets or ‘dry sanitation’ systems do not use water to transport or treat or human excreta. Moreover, they keep effluent or pollutants out of waterways as well as the general environment. We provide functional and innovative Plastic Toilets that are appropriately designed to conserve precious water resources. Besides, these products can efficiently save money on your water bill. Waterless Toilet is designed for remote areas with no possibility of the sewer system or lack of water. Ecoplanet provides high quality and affordable Toilets for Military. Furthermore, these are used in high-density areas such as hospitals, and markets, schools, and institutions, as well as for domestic use in your rural or holiday home.
Category: Building & Construction
Sub-Category: Portable Toilets
Eco Planet LLC
locationAjman, United Arab Emirates
userMr Shuhaib

Our mission is critical to your success. Your success is mission critical! Toilets and other sanitation entities are something we cannot live without. More than a life necessity, toilets have evolved to become style statements and that is exactly what we intend to proffer through our products and services- style, convenience, affordability. Our founders discerned the need for innovation and technology-backed approach in toilets manufacture, which led to the commencement of Eco Planet. The name Eco Planet sums up our ethos, through this endeavor we intend to render toilet and related sanitary equipment that would tackle the conundrum of human waste disposal without causing any harm to the Planet or its beings. Since the commencement of our organization, we have evolved, augmented, and excelled at delivering exemplary products and services. We have established ourselves as the leading manufacturer/supplier of portable toilets in the Middle East region, especially in UAE. The myriad products and services we offer includes both locally made products and imported products; we procure the best products and raw materials across the world to ensure unwavering quality

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