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Charge Controllers

Charge controllers come in various types. Solar charge controllers regulate the charge from a solar panel array to a battery bank. A solar charge controller will protect your batteries frombeing overcharged by your solar panels and it will block any reverse current (from the batteries) as well. Temperature sensors are an inexpensive addition that help the charge controller more accurately regulate the charge of the battery bank Youll notice that solar charge controllers are specified by both amperage and voltage. You will need a charge controller that matches the voltage of your solar panel array and battery bank. (Usually 12, 24 or 48 VDC) And youll want to make sure the solar panel charge controller has enough capacity to handle the current (in amps) from your solar panel array.
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Charge Controllers
Shams Al Khaleej Solar Energy Systems LLC
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

SHAMS AL KHALEEJ was established a long time ago and since then it has been giving an excellent provision in the service of Solar energy systems in the UAE. the company has been established to provide all kinds of solutions in the UAE. has been established as a solution provider company in the U.A.E. The company is procuring a wide range of professional approach for both residential and commercial markets. The services include Electrical, PV Installations, Energy Efficiency Measures, Backup Emergency Generators, and Energy Audits. Our off-matrix sun oriented charge ventures give a compelling and sustainable power source that meets the most elevated wellbeing and plan details. So our way to deal with taking a nearby planetary group from starting structure right through the establishment and interconnection with the service organization. Furthermore, has designing and specialized assets, and ability and experience to assist customers with making progress with their sun based incorporation and sun oriented vitality ventures. The company is a great and reliable name in terms of its epic and advantageous services lashed with the advancement in technical installation and other services. We are constantly giving excellent service to the customers and trying for challenges on the way to improvise the company to a higher level. Products images:

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