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You're thinking that climbing the stairs of your home is no longer as comfortable as it once was? Are you looking for a solution, for you, your loved ones, your aging parents or for your grandparents, to access the spaces at home without disrupting daily life? "We Can Help" Our stair lifts are the most comfortable and practical option for the most demanding staircases. They are manufactured in Italy. It is equipped with every device to ensure your safety while in use. It is a shock-proof, crush-proof and shear-proof system. This ensures that it stops in the event of hazards. The simple controls on the armrest ensure an easy movement around the house in a functional, simple and direct way. The folding seat opens and closes easily and the radio controls allow managing the chair lift, calling it to the desired floor. This is complemented by the safety belt with automatic re tractor. The swivel seat makes getting on and off easy. The seat cushions and back cushions are washable and padded for maximum ride comfort. It is also available with a hinged track for easy installation in tight spaces. In addition, for even tighter spaces it comes with a revolutionary sliding guide, which is able to travel in a motorized manner on the staircase, saving additional space. It is easy to assemble and keeps to a minimum, the installation procedures. It is normally installed in a few hours, within a day, without masonry work. If you are considering installing a new elevator or lift in a new or existing building, ALFA Elevator can furnish and install. Maximum safety is of the utmost importance to us and all our lift installations comply with European Regulations and come with a guarantee. All our lift installations are of high quality.
Category: Lift,Escalator & Elevators
Sub-Category: Cranes, Lift & Escalator Repair
locationAjman, United Arab Emirates

H.H. is credited with successfully completing Avalon Heights World Private School. She received praise from Sheikh Khalid Alpha Elevator Agreement is a well-known name for services in the supply, installation, modernization and maintenance of elevators. We are one of the most reputable and reliable companies engaged in the supply and installation of elevators and their maintenance. Alpha Lift specializes in the supply and maintenance of all passenger lifts, including commercial passenger elevators, home elevators, stair lifts, disabled platform elevators, hospitals and freight elevators. We are the exclusive agents in the United Arab Emirates for the world's leading manufacturers of UAE that have international certifications

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