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Cable Cleats

Cables need to be restrained in a manner that can withstand the forces they generate, including those generated during a short circuit, and this is exactly what BICC Cable Cleats are designed to do. BICC Cleats not only offer installers several viable options for various applications but also offer custom made products as per specialist needs of its clients. BICC Cable Cleats are offered in aluminium and non-metallic types to suit every type of installation environment. BICC recommends Epoxy coated cleats for heavy industrial, polluted or contaminated areas. BICC has also introduced the ever popular BICC Two-bolt Aluminum Cable Cleats, and BICC Trefoil Aluminum Cleat to suit a variety of applications, including heavy duty variants.
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Cable Cleats
BICC Components Pvt. Ltd
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

BICC Components Limited (BCL) manufactures & distributes a wide range of BICC Industrial Cable Glands, BICC Cable Cleats, BICC Cable Connectors and associated accessories. Our exclusive range of products find their way into many markets including oil refineries, petrochemical industry, power stations, water treatment works, mines and quarries. Having over 3 decades of manufacturing experience in the Industrial cable accessories sector and exporting to various European and African markets, BICC Components offers a unique ability to provide the perfect solution for highly complex applications. We strongly believe that the relentless pursuit of quality and continuous improvement is the only long-term route to success. BICC Components has always upgraded and maintained its Quality Management Systems to the latest version of ISO 9001 and this is evident from recent approval to its 2008 version certification. We are committed to providing the highest quality products & customer service which is second to none. Whatever your requirements BICC Components strive to ensure these are met effectively and cost efficiently.

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