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Abevia Cow Ghee

Abevia Cow ghee contains all of the crucial nutritional elements in addition to the antibacterial, antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It produces a better option to vegetable oil using more nutritional value. Cow ghee is one of those dairy and milk products that is used in many different cuisines. Cow ghee also called desi ghee has multiple nutrients that boosts our health.
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Sub-Category: Dairies & Dairy Products
Nutridor Ltd
locationDubai, United Arab Emirates

Nutridor Limited is currently a 100 percent subsidiary of TGI Group -- an global investment and holding company, also holds the spark for delivering probably the broadest assortment of excellent milk products for its international consumer base. Together with more than 2 decades of experience to your wellbeing in emerging markets, we've created a worldwide presence and be sure our clients appreciate a wholesome life with all our selection of healthful and tasteful products. Nutridor products, including BUTTER, AMF, GHEE and Mozzarella. Consistently deliver superior taste and performance. It gives sustainable production working with the newest technology, customised invention, world wide market expertise and complete transparency across most manufacturing websites. At Nutridor Limited, we do our best to construct a robust foundation that helps us deliver the greatest value for our clientele. With diversified interests around continents, Nutridor is passionate about fulfilling TGI Group's assignment of adding value for the locally available funds in numerous nations and emerging markets.We realize the frequent use of milk products at a loved ones and are consequently concentrated on satisfying our clients by always delivering quality product6

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