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The Raymond Centriline Process of cement mortar lining is applied to new and existing pipelines to extend the original design life of the pipeline by preventing internal corrosion. The lining can be applied either in-situ after the pipes have been installed or in a stackyard adjacent to the project prior to installation. Linings can either be cement mortar lining consisting of ordinary Portland cement mortar, ideal for potable water, or specialist chemically resistant mortars for wastewater projects which are subject to hydrogen sulphide attack. On site application techniques used in refurbishment of existing pipelines are designed using trenchless technology with the minimum amount of traffic disruption. The Centriline Process can be used in pipes with a diameter as small as 75mm and in tunnels up to 6000mm diameter. Linings can be modified with microsilica fume for less permeability and enhanced erosion resistance suitable for use in seawater transmission and water injection pipelines. H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) resistant mortars consisting of calcium aluminate cements and synthetic aggregates are applied to pipelines and sewers to reduce the corrosive action of the effluent.
Category: Building Material
Sub-Category: Cement Lining
Raymond International LLC
locationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
userRadha Krishnan

Raymond International’s vision is to be a leader in pipeline services and specialized construction for the water desalination, power generation, mining, oil, gas and petrochemical industries throughout the MENA region. We make it our mission to achieve excellence through innovation and constant improvement of our methods and techniques, and the development of our staff, while fostering relationships with our clients and end users. OUR POLICY Raymond International is committed to providing a safe working environment to promote the prevention of damage, injury or loss to all personnel, materials, equipment and property. All personnel are regularly briefed by the Safety Manager and/or Officers regarding Raymond’s Safety Procedures, including “Tool Box” meetings at site level. All personnel are issued with Raymond’s “Guide to Safety Procedures” (in English with Arabic and Tagalog translations) and are constantly encouraged to think “SAFETY FIRST”.

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