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It is a very high performance, fully synthetic LOW SAPS lubricant for gasoline and diesel engines, including the ones complying with EURO V standard. NOscar Jade Optimum SAE 5W30 is formulated to reduce pollutant emissions, such as HC, NOx, CO and particles and to protect and ensure longevity of post treatment anti-pollution systems, such as particulate filters (GPF, DPF) and three-way catalysts. Oscar Jade Optimum SAE 5W30 also helps to lengthen the engine life thanks to its excellent resistance to temperature variations and permits an extra-long oil change intervals. This product meets or exceeds the requirements of the latest API and ACEA industry specifications for petrol engine oils, as well as the requirements of many major American, and European engine manufacturers.
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Oscar Lubricants was established in 1998 with the primary focus of manufacturing and marketing of specialty lubricants, hydraulic brake fluids and automotive radiator coolants. In 2005 the company started production of automotive, industrial and marine lubricants. In 2010 we operated the first extension by doubling the plant plot area and adding more blending capacity. In 2015 we inaugurated the first State of the Art lube oil blending plant implementing the latest technologies and enjoying international standards. Today, we are housed in 17,000 square meters including covered warehouses of 13,000 square meters and laboratory areas of 500 square meters with an accommodation facility for 100 employees. Our primary location has easy access to various ports in The UAE, enabling us to ship goods on urgent basis to various countries in the region.

Oscar lubricants
Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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